Replacing a Paranormal Slip Contact

Tools needed

  • A small philips or cross head screwdriver

Step 1 - Remove the Hinge Screws

Step 2 - Remove the Three Small Black Screws

Remove the three black screws. Notice that the two screws attached to the hinge part are shorter than the single screw in the slip contact body.

Step 3 - Prepare the parts for assembly

You should have:

  • New slip contact
  • 2 small black screws
  • 1 long black screw
  • Hinge
  • Metal bottom cover

Step 4 - Assemble the Battery Door

  • Slide the slip contact into the battery cover
  • Fit the long screw to point #3
  • Fit the short screws to points #1 and #2

Step 5 - Attach the completed assembly to the mod

Align and close the battery door before fitting the hinge screws taking care that the spring clip shown below is inside the mod not trapped under the hinge.

Step 6 - Repair Complete